Monday, October 6, 2008

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took my OSCE practical last Friday and thought it went well overall, for the most part, but wasn't sure of course, and then I took my written exam today, and the good news................I passed them both on the first try and I do not have to take them again or worry with what happens if you fail one of them!!! I was so excited! I still have one very dumb final to take on Wednesday but it's not a test you really have to study much for, so I'm done with classes!! For the rest of my life! The only test I have left is the national boards licensing exam but won't take that til after I graduate, probably around next June. SOOOOOOOOOOO for all of you who care and who read my many complaints throughout the past few months, just wanted to update you and let yall know that I'm done! And I wanted to say thanks to those who kept me in their prayers- there's no way I could have done it without the Lord's help. I also, real briefly, want to bear my testimony on the blessings you receive from NOT studying on Sundays. Ever since I started PT school in May 2006, I did not study on Sundays. I would study up til midnight Saturday night and start again at Midnight Sunday night/Monday morning. ANd my testimony is that I usually did better on tests on Mondays or Tuesdays when I had crammed on Fri and Sat and did no schoolwork on Sundays. My GPA is actually pretty decent, if I may say so, and I know that I was helped today in my written exam, as I did not study yesterday. Yes, I'll admit it was tempting since I had SO much to do in so little time, but instead I watched general conference and hung out with Mark. So yeah I was tempted, but did not give in, of course! I went to the library at midnight Monday morning/Sunday night and studied for 4 hours, went home to sleep for 4 hours, crammed for 4 more hours this morning, and passed. SO I encourage any of yall who are in school- try it out! Try to get your work done on Saturday and leave the Sabbath day free of schoolwork. It's much more relaxing to have a day off and to know that you're keeping the Sabbath day holy, and I promise, you'll be blessed! Even when you may doubt and think there's NO WAY you're going to pass (like how I thought when I saw some of those test questions today), somehow it'll work out- you'll either figure out the answers with the help of the Holy Ghost, or you'll guess right- either way works with me! So that's my spiritual thought of the whole blog.
Thanks again for the prayers!!!! I'm FREEEEE.