Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bored of studying!!!

I decided I'd write a post today because I would just like to express how SICK I AM OF STUDYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today alone, here is my schedule: just got home from lab and a class. Lunch. Studying the ankle (a lot), reviewing hip and knee notes, studying modalities for a few hours, swimming, more reviewing of the upper extremity tonight. This puts me at going to bed around 2 I would think.
For anyone who is unaware, I am in my last year of physical therapy school and in my LAST semester (down to my last 4 weeks of class) EVER. On Oct. 3rd, we have our big comprehensive practical. Then on Oct. 6th, we have our big comprehensive written exam. We also have one smaller final on the 8th, but the main and only concerns are the big comps. We have to stick around in SC til Oct 10th ( I guess to make sure we all passed, and please pray that I do!!!), then we are FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I will then be moving back to Giles to do a rotation in Princeton, WV and another one in January in Blacksburg, hooray! My last one in the spring is still to be determined, but I think will be in Johnson City, TN, where Mark will be in school.

Anyway, that is the summary of why I am sick of studying. My schedule today is like any other day for the past month. It's just study study study lab lab lab practice cram eat sleep study study study swim lab church study study soccer, etc etc etc. But the good news is that in exactly 27 days from today, I will be done with school forever.........not including the boards test next summer. But I'm not worried bout that for now.

Until next time, I'll be studying.

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Cindy said...

Good luck, I really don't like to study, I have no attention span. To be done and have your degree though, how wonderful!